This is the great  news from Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society (ZSTHS)! We really thank God for Handling successful Annual General Meeting together with General Election on 22/06/2013. Here are some photos for you which shows different activities during 2013 ZSTHS Annual General Meeting!

vThe former members of the Board standing together This photo shows the former members of the board standing together  during ZSTHS Annual General Meeting, as a sign of retiring and give a chance for ZSTHS General Election!



This photo shows members of the election committee, from center is the Committee Chairperson, while from right and left are members of the committee.

election committee







This photo shows Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society’s members, voting for their preferable and suitable candidates during ZSTHS Annual General Meeting in the election session.

members duringThis photo  shows some of the retired and new elected members of the Board standing together as a sign of togetherness!

standing 2geza







This is a new elected Chairperson by the name of Mahamoud Thabit Kombo. Congratulation

new chairwhile the last photo shows the new elected Vice Chairperson by the name of Mohammed P. Bhaloo, Congratulation!






Great New Stone Town Pictures

Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Elly Darkin, who visited us during her spring break, we now have a great collection of high-quality pictures of Stone Town’s heritage and landmark buildings! We are very grateful to Elly for everything she has done. Check out some of the pictures below!

AGM Next Week

The Annual General Meeting of the Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society will be held next Saturday, June 8th. If you have any issues you would like to discuss with us before our meeting, please stop by our office anytime or tell us your issues in the contact form below

! Karibuni wote.
Our last Annual General Meeting.

Our last Annual General Meeting.

A statement on heritage destruction in Mali

The Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society would like to add our voice to the growing number protesting the destruction of historic sites in Mali. The violence against the people of the region is condemnable, as is the destruction of mosques, shrines and other historical sites by militants.

Timbuktu was deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its ancient mosques and shrines to Muslim saints. Reports say that half of them have been demolished since the violence began. These sites are important markers of our history and monuments to the history of Islam in Mali. The mausoleums and parts of mosques that have been destroyed did not encourage idolatry, as claimed by some armed groups who hold the sites, but reflection and understanding of the past.

We must agree with U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, who said: “This is an assault not just on Mali but on the heritage of all Africans, and those responsible for these acts should be brought to justice.”

We offer our sincere condolences to our brothers and sisters in Mali, and hope this senseless devastation can be brought to an end swiftly. 

Latest Newsletter Coming Soon

Next newsletter is coming soon, as well as the results of our recent survey about Stone Town Heritage! Stay tuned!

Dear all!

This is greeting from Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society (ZSTHS), today we are very glad only because we have succeeded to give our members, followers and fans our New June 2013 Newsletter! have a look on it, constructive comments are allowed so as to improve the next coming one! Click the blue phrase below to view it!

ZSTHS June 14 Newsletter